Welcome to Mingo, a cutting-edge educational platform where Augmented Reality (AR) and innovative game design combine to create an immersive, engaging, and fun learning experience. Our platform, supporting both English and Arabic languages, is designed to empower students and teachers, transforming traditional classroom dynamics into an interactive digital playground.


Immersive Augmented Reality (AR): Dive into the universe with our AR functionality, bringing celestial bodies right to your living room or classroom.

Educational Information: Access detailed information about each planet including their composition, distance from the sun, and more. All available in both English and Arabic.

Interactive Learning: Use the slider to navigate through the solar system, and tap on a planet to learn more about it.

Customization: Toggle the display of planet names, distances, and other information to customize your learning experience.

Scalability: Adjust the scale of the solar system to fit your physical space.

Timed Learning: Use our timer function to learn at your own pace.

Mingo AR Classroom

Bridging the Gap between Reality and Imagination with Interactive Augmented Reality Education