Building User-Centric Digital Experiences

Specializing in software engineering and digital marketing, I deliver interactive web and mobile applications and boost their reach through effective SEO strategies.


Full Stack Development

Leveraging modern web technologies, I develop intuitive, user-friendly websites and web apps that drive engagement and conversion.

Digital Marketing & SEO

Combining technical expertise and marketing know-how, I enhance online visibility and traffic through proven SEO and SEM practices.

AR-based Mobile App Development

Utilizing Unity and AR Foundation, I design and develop AR-based educational apps, transforming learning into an engaging experience.

Coding Bootcamps and Training

Delivering full stack development training sessions, covering languages and technologies from HTML, CSS, JavaScript to React and Node.js.

Why Choose Me

Proven Expertise

With years of experience and a strong background in both software engineering and digital marketing

Client Satisfaction

Maintaining high client satisfaction, I’ve been recognized as a top-rated freelancer on Upwork.

OS Contributions

Leading the open-source Mingo App project, I encourage community involvement and continuous learning.

Diverse Skillset

Proficient in a range of programming languages and technologies, capable of delivering versatile digital solutions.

About Daniel Awde

I am a Software Engineer with a strong background in digital marketing. With a diverse skillset that spans across programming languages and technologies, I specialize in developing web and mobile applications, including AR-based educational apps. My mission is to create engaging user experiences that help businesses thrive. More about me.

Client Testimonials

“ Daniel is a great asset to any team – very helpful and with integrity. He will always try to support the team and turn around the work as it s required. We still use him on other projects and I will definitely be keeping him busy.”
“Daniel is a hardworking individual who values teamwork and has contributed significantly to Park Innovation. He demonstrated his worth as an employee by consistently looking for new ways to achieve company goals. He quickly rose when it was time for him to do his job well, always paying close attention so that he could provide quality service in every task given by management and staff alike. Daniel’s intense drive to better himself will lead him across different roles in the future, I'm sure of it!”
Dr. Diana
“One of the first things you will notice about Daniel are his great habits. He is highly punctual and committed to the task at hand. Moreso, Daniel is committed to possibility. Once presented with a challenge, Daniel is able to quickly execute solutions but he doesn't stop there. He is always proposing new solutions for the betterment of the company. He exemplifies self-initiative, leadership, reliability and an innovative mindset.”

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