Angham-Reality is an augmented reality application that allows the user to draw in 3D world using only his mobile phone, with the selected playlist of Anghami’s library will determine the color of the drawn feelings expressed by the user.

The colors used to each playlist genre are based on a study done here.

Main screen will display all anghami tags

After selecting a tag it will display all available playlist in that tag, user have to choose a playlist then, in this example I selected classical genre and essential classical music playlist,

It will display the need info of that playlist such as cover art, genre and clickable link to that playlist so it would open the anghami app with that playlist, 

Finally if the user chose to open the playlist, they need to get back to the app and press the draw button,


Video Link 

Last note the Angham-Reality App code is hosted on a private github repo, can be accessed or open to the public when requested.